3 Reasons to Start a Business

3 Reasons to Start a Business

Working for an employer can go from being a fresh new start to drudgery in no time. There are a lot of benefits to working for someone else,  but for many, those benefits don’t outweigh the frustration of constantly being told what to do. Your breaks, lunches, and learning styles are all watched and monitored carefully. If you’re able to conform to what the employer requests, fantastic! If you’re not,  you’ll find yourself constantly seeking ways to stay positive while struggling to keep in line with what your employer wants. For many of us, that creates a type of prison and makes it difficult to perform under such observation. If you’re absolutely tired of it, you might be destined to start a business. There are a ton of benefits to this plan, let’s take a look at a few.

No coworkers

I know that working alone and lacking socialization can be tough, but let’s focus for a minute on why you may not want a coworker. Constant chatter, strange smells, and irritating personalities can break your enjoyment of a job. Coworkers are usually the make or break decision for whether or not you’ll keep a job. It isn’t just their personalities that irritate you, but combining work styles with them and resolving conflict can make this unbearable. If you’re working for yourself, the only coworker you have to tolerate is you. Good luck with that!

Clothing optional

I’m not saying that you should work in the nude, but having the option to isn’t such a bad deal. When you work outside your house, you’re forced to deal with dress codes and the cost of maintaining a decent wardrobe. When you’re in in charge, you can wake up in yoga pants and lay back down in them too. Note: While this is a wonderful benefit, the more you stay in your pajamas and skulk about the house, the easier it will be to have a feeling of “do nothing” that kills productivity.

Flexible Schedule

This is the main reason I decided to start a business. I have a lot going on! I don’t like having to ask permission to take time off to take care of my personal business. Flexibility is super important to me. If you work best at midnight, have at it. If you want to sleep until three in the afternoon because you had a big influx of work that kept you up all night, you’re welcome to do that too. One of the biggest draws intk self employment is that you’re 100% free from the constraints of punching  a time clock. Time to celebrate! Flexible scheduling means you only  work when you’re at your best. This opens up big possibilities in the way of creativity for you. If you’re only working when your brain is on board,  your work  stays fresh and exciting.

If you’ve become disillusioned with the traditional workforce, it’s time for you to consider something new. You may even feel imprisoned by the traditional 9 to 5 as I once did. If so, it’s time to break out and look at your skills. Taking the leap to start a business might be your reprieve once and for all!

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3 Reasons to Start a Business


  1. liberty

    December 4, 2017 at 3:11 pm
    Great reasons- thank you for sharing with us! :)
  2. Anna Mitchell

    December 4, 2017 at 10:56 pm
    If I had money to start a business I would!
  3. Stephanie Z

    December 11, 2017 at 9:37 pm
    I work from home and all these are great reasons to work for yourself!
  4. Shannon Pickin

    December 12, 2017 at 2:07 pm
    I wish I could start my own business. Unfortunately, need money to start a business, which I don't have.

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