The Drama-Free Way to Buy A Car

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My car’s name is Sally. My then 5-year old daughter named her. I bought her on my daughter’s birthday. My fiance was out of town at the time and there was something wrong with the brakes on my Jeep.  They kept getting stuck and wearing down. I’d had them fixed 2 weeks prior to this and also a month prior to that, and I didn’t have the money to keep taking this thing to the shop to have it not be fixed. Unfortunately, he was going to be gone for at least another 3 weeks. So there I was with a big old Jeep I couldn’t stop and a preschooler.  I really didn’t want to buy a car, but I’d had enough. So what does a “single mom” do in this situation? They go online to 
I had a little bit of an idea of what kind of car I wanted, and I was able to do a little more research on On the site I found pricing, reviews, average price of repairs, and standard warranty coverage, among other things. I wanted to know everything I could, because let’s face it.  A lot of times a woman happens into a car dealership and as my father would say, they’re “a mark.” In other words, the salesman thinks you know nothing and tries to take advantage of you. 
(Side note:  Even though I may look like it, I’m not your “average” female car buyer – I grew up in upstate NY on mountain roads and can drive a stick shift like nobody’s business!) 
When I decided that I definitely wanted to purchase Sally, I simply entered my zip code in the search box. The search results showed dealerships near me with that car. I then called a dealership and explained the situation to the salesman, who was actually not a jerk. He put all of my financing info together, and the next morning I showed up and signed for my new car.  The experience was drama-free.
Two years later, Sally still runs great, but I moved to a snowier part of the state and I’d like to get something with 4 wheel drive.  I’m looking at the new Subaru Legacy models. Because I’m doing my research on I know I’ll be prepared the next time  I buy a car. 
Other services provides are car seat safety checks, classified listings (you can actually sell your car on there!) and estimates of the value of your car. I highly recommend checking out the site first before you buy a car. Whether you’re a single mom or a NASCAR driver, you’ll wonder how you ever bought a car without!

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