Keeping Your Home Network Secure With CUJO Smart Firewall

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When it comes to your securing our home networks, most of us are savvy enough to follow the basic rules. Be careful about your personal information, don’t click suspicious links, keep your antivirus program up to date, etc. However, even when you do all of that, falling victim to a hacker or a virus is a lot easier than you think. That’s why it’s smart to have a little extra protection, like the CUJO Smart Firewall.

Cujo Smart Firewall

CUJO is a smart firewall designed to bring business-level security to your home network. This adorable little guy protects all devices connected to your WiFi router, including your laptop, phones, gaming systems, and even your visitors’ devices!

Setup is super simple – I’m not very techie at all and had no problems. You simply download the CUJO app from the app store (available for both Apple and Android devices), and follow the steps. There aren’t 400 wires to worry about either. One wire goes from CUJO to your router, and one goes from CUJO to the power outlet. I was a little confused by the power adapter part – there is a little piece that slides on before it can be plugged into the wall. Even though I’ve never seen that before, it was easy to figure out and put together.

Cujo Smart Firewall

Once up and running, you control CUJO via the app. It’s very user friendly and functional, and will alert you for different events based on your settings. You’ll be alerted for things like viruses, malware, and even when someone is granted remote access to your network. Note: If someone calls you and says they need to access your computer remotely, the answer is most always a resounding NO!

My daughter’s fiance is trained in cyber security, so as you can imagine, my network is already super secure. However, he can’t control what my 6-year old tries to do on a daily basis. Parental controls are my favorite feature of the Smart Firewall. Because everything goes through the app, you can keep your eye on things even when you’re away from home. CUJO Smart Firewall is like an extra set of eyes in the background. The parental controls  allow you to block sites, monitor social media, and even turn the internet on and off for certain devices. You can also set timers to keep your kids offline after certain hours, be alerted when specific sites are accessed, and lock things down when you need to from anywhere in the world.

Cujo Smart Firewall

CUJO allows you to set up user profiles for each device, so if you want to block your child from certain activities that you wouldn’t block yourself from, you can still do that. For example, I don’t let A use YouTube. I, on the other hand, use it daily to watch recipe tutorials and/or the occasional cat video. (I’m still trying to figure out why cucumbers freak them out!)

Overall, CUJO is a nice addition to our home network and an extra bit of armor against hackers. As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as “too secure”. If you’d like to learn more, you can find CUJO Smart Firewall at Best Buy

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  1. Darcy Koch

    December 1, 2017 at 6:59 pm
    I can't seem to find a sure-fire way to keep my internet completely safe. I always end up with some issue. Perhaps one of these could help solve any issue.
  2. Beth Minyard

    December 22, 2017 at 4:15 pm
    Thanks for posting! I am definitely going to look more into this
  3. Amber Ludwig

    January 5, 2018 at 11:15 am
    Love how adorable this is!! I mean anything that keeps my info and kiddo safe is seriously fantastic!! But the fact that they made it pleasing to the eye and adorable really wins me over!!

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