Strange Ways to Shed a Few Pounds

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Bikini season is almost here!  Are you ready?  I recently lost 20 lbs in about a month, and I’m going to share with you how I did it, because I didn’t exactly follow the “rules” of dieting.  A little of it was unorthodox, so maybe I can share with you something you haven’t thought of.

  1. Green tea.  You may remember my past post about the benefits of Green Tea.  I can’t give you the exact number of extra calories the tea burned, but every night, I put 9 Green Tea bags in a 2-quart pitcher, boiled a pot of water, and then dumped the water in the pitcher and put it in the fridge.  I never removed the tea bags.   I like my tea to be strong anyway, but I did see on Dr. Oz that in order to reap the benefits of Green Tea, the tea had to steep for 20 minutes.  Every day I drank the pitcher full of tea.
  2. I didn’t exercise.  I know – everyone says exercise is the key to weight loss, and I’m not disputing that at all.  However, going to the gym or popping in a DVD really isn’t my thing.  First, I’d need a babysitter for the little one even if I did a DVD at home because the second you’re not paying attention to her she’s getting into trouble. Secondly, I really hate don’t like exercise.  I did, however, do extra calorie burning activities whenever possible.  For example, if I was downstairs and I needed to use the bathroom, I would go upstairs to use it instead of using the first floor bathroom.  Or I would walk down the driveway to the mailbox to check the mail instead of stopping with the car on my way in to check it.  Every calorie burned counts.
  3. I ate like an old lady.  Spend some time watching an elderly person eat.  They eat very little and they eat it very slowly.  Instead of eating a whole dinner, I ate a half of a dinner and took a half hour to do it.  It’s a well-known fact that your metabolism slows as you age, so your body needs less to fuel it.  If you keep eating like you’re 20 when you’re 40, you’re likely to gain weight.
  4. I stopped eating carb loaded foods.   I cut out most bread, pasta, and potatoes, and ate no sugary snacks at all.
  5. I gave up most of my morning coffee.  This was a biggie for me, but I like my coffee light and sweet.  A tablespoon of French vanilla creamer has 35 calories, which doesn’t sound like a lot, until you realize how small a tablespoon is.  I would say I used about 3 tablespoons per cup.  Giving up 2 cups a day saved me about 210 calories a day, which equates to approximately a half pound a week loss with no additional effort whatsoever.
  6. I cheated.  A lot.  I read somewhere (and I don’t remember where) that if you eat a low calorie/carb diet and then have a cheat day, the next 4 days you will burn more calories than if you didn’t cheat.  The flip side to this is that cheating adds calories.  So you may be burning more in the four days later, but you still have to burn off the ones you added so it may not make any difference at all.  The jury is still out on that one.

I think the biggest part of dieting – any sort of diet – is that you have to keep in mind that you can only lose one pound at a time.  So if you try all week and end up losing only one pound, don‘t get discouraged.  Without surgery, it’s impossible to get on the scale and weigh 20 lbs less than you did the day before.

Another thing to remember is that there is no time like the present.  It’s very easy to say “I’ll start when the kids get out of school.”  Or, “There is no point in trying to lose weight during the holidays.”.  I’ve used those same excuses a million times.  However, when the kids get out of school or the holidays are over, you could have already reached your goal.  Instead you’re starting from the beginning.

As for me…I’m done for a while.  I have more to go but I’m tired of dieting.

Happy weight loss everyone!


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  1. Calvin

    December 13, 2017 at 3:54 pm
    Unconventional ways and some work well!

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