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25 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes

25 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes

Christmas Dinner always includes pies, and generally we make the same ones every year. How about changing things up this year a bit?

In my search for something a little less ordinary, I came across some really great recipes I never even thought of!

Since I love to share with you guys, I’ve put together a nice little list of pie recipes for you to try out. Try a couple and let us know what your favorite is.

Happy Baking!

1. Pecan Pie
2. Old Fashioned Apple Pie
3. Caramel Apple Pie
4. Lemon Sour Cream Pie
5. Classic Southern Chocolate Pie
6. Nutella Chocolate Cream Pie – I can’t wait to try this one!
7. Homemade Baker’s Square French Silk Pie
8. Peanut Butter Pie
9. Apple Streusel Pie
10. Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie
11. Coconut Pumpkin Pudding Pie
12. Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie – Can you believe that something so delicious even exists?
13. Upside Down Butterscotch Apple Pie
14. Dulce de Leche Apple Pie
15. Easy Plum Pie
16. Raspberry Peach Pie with Cream Cheese
17. Swedish Apple Cranberry Pie
18. Magic Cream Pie
19. Fresh Strawberry Pie – Wish I didn’t live in NY.  I know some of you still have fresh strawberries!
20. Chocolate Chess Pie
21. Shortcut Blueberry Cheesecake Pie
22. Candy Apple Pie
23. Sweet Potato Pie
24. Perfect Pumpkin Pie – Perfectly Classic.
25. Lemon Chiffon Pie

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